Support for Christian Teachers and Professionals in Australia

Dr. Christopher Green is the Director of Christian Foundations at Plenty Valley Christian College in Victoria.  Dr. Green draws upon his substantial background in biblical studies and Christian theology as he offers sessions for the professional development of teachers in Australian schools.

Dr. Green has developed his own approach to teaching the Bible and the integration of the Christian faith into the curriculum while teaching in both California and Victoria.  He is available to support teachers, or the leadership team at your Christian organisation, with professional development seminars on the following topics:

The Biblical Narrative: How does the Bible fit together as a whole?  How does the Old Testament look forward to the New?  In this two-part seminar, Dr. Green does not water down these complex issues, but he also charts a way forward for Christians who are seeking answers.  These sessions aim to equip teachers or Christian leaders with a.) a basic and holistic understanding of the Bible as a complete unity and b.) an introductory knowledge of ©The Bible in Motion, which is Dr. Green's tool for highlighting the most salient moments across the biblical narrative (Two 1.5 hour sessions).

©The Bible in Motion (forthcoming): This two-part seminar is an advanced and intensive look (following 'The Biblical Narrative') at Dr. Green's program for crossing the whole of the biblical story while highlighting a.) the compositional structures that situate the different books of the Bible in their 'canonical context' and b.) the most important moments in the biblical story for upholding the basic beliefs of the Christian faith.  These seminars aim to equip and prepare teachers for implementing ©The Bible in Motion program within the context of a school's curriculum  (Two 1.5 hour sessions). 

Introduction to Faith Integration: How can the diverse subjects taught in a Christian school be integrated with the Christian faith in the context of the whole of a school's curriculum?  How can this be done in a way that respects a diversely Christian staff and also adheres to the bedrock tenets of the Christian faith?  In this two part seminar, Dr. Green communicates the latest research regarding both the theory and practice of 'faith integration' in schools.  He especially focuses on the diverse 'pathways' that are available to teachers for connecting their subject with a topic of interest belonging to the Christian faith.  These sessions conclude with examples of appropriately stated outcomes for lesson plans structured for the promotion of faith-integration (Two 1.5 hour sessions).

Basic Theology: What are the basics that Christian schools or Christian organisations should keep in mind?  How does one make concise sense out of the distinctives of the Christian faith (e.g., the Trinity, the Incarnation, etc.)?  Also, how can we keep our diverse community of Christians together and unified in the context of a Christian school or organisation without asking some to compromise their dearly held beliefs?  The aim of this session is to explicate, in the clearest, most faithful and also most digestible terms, the basic doctrines of the Christian faith (One or Two 1.5 hour sessions).

If you would like to:

  • Schedule Dr. Green for an on-site school visit for any combination of the above listed seminars, with up to two smaller, follow up visits for supporting teachers with implementation
  • Organise a meeting for Dr. Green to support homeschoolers, your leadership team or your church
  • Inquire about any aspect of Dr. Green's approach
  • Find out about Dr. Green's current rates, scheduling or availability

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Sample Schedule


Half Day Session

(3 Hours + Breaks)

1.5 Hour Session: The Biblical Narrative

(+ One, 1-2 Hour Follow Up Session)

Half Day Rate

Coffee / Tea (1/2 Hour)

1.5 Hour Session: The Biblical Narrative


Full Day Session

(6 Hours + Breaks)

1.5 Hour Session: Intro. to Faith Integration

(+ Up to Two, 2 Hour Follow Up Sessions)

Full Day Rate

Coffee / Tea (1/2 Hour)

1.5 Hour Session: Intro. toFaith Integration

Questions & Answers


Dr. Christopher Green

Chris is an Australian 'with an American accent.'  He has been an educator in Australia for 7 years, with experience in teaching students and supporting teachers at almost all levels (primary, secondary, undergraduate and graduate). 

Before the completion of his doctoral degree in theology at the U. of Aberdeen (Scotland), Chris taught English in a secondary school in California.  As a native Californian, Chris loves to get people 'stoked' about the Bible. 

Chris also loves to run, eat ice cream, have coffee with his wife, watch movies with friends and talk about cultural differences.  While Chris serves as the Director of Christian Foundations at Plenty Valley Christian College he also lectures online for Azusa Pacific University.